Elemental Evil Neverwinter get an XBOX ONE Date

As he watched her go, a tiny voice in his head urged him to tell her about his orders from the high sage. But still another voice, a much louder one, commanded him to obey.

Xbox gamers in a play Neverwinter just have to wait a little longer before they get released a “super upgrade” and evil element module, currently scheduled for Sept. 8 in the console. Why is this a big update? Because of Elemental Evil is not just to one person. This update will also increase the Icewind Dale update Feywild, Shadowmantle angry and cursed at the same time.

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This is a ton of players to look at the contents of the console free play MMORPG, an increased level cap, a new class of Oathbound Paladin, and some improvement in quality of life are thrown in for good measure.